John Salmon, pianist

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John Salmon Plays Dave Brubeck Piano Compositions

John Salmon Plays Dave Brubeck Piano Compositions 

(Phoenix PHCD 130)

All of this music is appealing, and it is well played by John Salmon, who seems as home with the jazzy Brubeck moments as with the Ivesian.”
Michael Ullman, Fanfare

“Salmon’s consistently rewarding interpretations of these infrequently performed Brubeck pieces receive great praise from the composer himself, with good reason. Very highly recommended.”
Ken Dryden,

"Sitting down to what I thought might be a novelty, I was ill-prepared for this brilliant recording [“John Salmon Plays Brubeck Piano Compositions,” Phoenix PHCD 130]. John Salmon is remarkably persuasive. He seems equally conversant in jazz and classical realms, and melds the two with an uncanny conjunction of clarity and poignancy."
Shelly Berg, Piano & Keyboard

“Listeners are fortunate to discover [Brubeck’s piano pieces] through the expert hands of John Salmon…The pianist’s main achievement is to show with clarity the logic of Brubeck’s compositions without sacrificing their mellifluousness. He successfully brings out the natural playfulness of the music.”
Alain Drouot, Clavier